Place Highlights Duration Season
Jaipur- craft and textile tours 2 nights and three days of viewing master craftsmen at work and evenings filled with shopping and dining at exclusive places 2 – 3 days anytime
Lucknow – cuisine and architecture tour A gastronomic experience of authentic Awadhi cuisine and visits to well known and not so well known historical monuments of Lucknow. Shopping for chikkan work directly from the manufacturers. 2 – 3 days anytime
Benaras – food and music for the soul A spiritual experience on the ghats of Benaras at the annual music festival and sampling some delectable food on the streets of Benares. 2 – 3 days anytime
Calcutta – culture, cuisine and craft Tour of colonies in Kolkotta that are steeped in history. As you meander through the narrow streets, the sights and smells transport you to a land where tolerance was of the highest order and still is to some extent. You are invited into a harmonious world of Chinese Temples, Jewish Synagogues, Armenian Churches, Anglo Indian residences and lots more. call us .
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