Historical Tours


Look back at history with new eyes, as we take you on a historical trail, a visit to the historical sites you have been poring over in your history textbooks. Here’s a chance to see the past unfold before your eyes.

History will never be the same again. We promise!


Place Highlights Duration Season
Bhubneshwar, Orissa Tracing Ashok’s stormy past at Kalinga to the caves of Jain monks at Udaigiri.  4 days Oct – Feb
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh The Sanchi Stupa and Neolithic caves near Bhimbetka  4 days Oct – Mar
Deeg and Agra The strong hold of the Jats and Akbar and Shahjahan’s seat of rule and the ultimate masterpeice. 2 -3 days Oct – Feb
Gwalior and Jhansi The imposing fort of Gwalior and the Palace museum make for an interesting study of  the rulers of Gwalior from the Kachwa Plas to the tomars and present day Scindia’s. The Fort has been immortalised due to the heroic deeds of Rani Lakshmi Bai. 3 days Sept- Mar