Geo Programs


  Be it understanding the structure of rocks and soil, learning about the earth through the ages with fossils, exploring the Aravalli Range, testing the waters of Yamuna, it’s the journey that makes all these destinations so exciting. Geologists, historians, academicians are on board to take students of IB Schools on specific and comprehensive project-related field trips.

Activities conducted include:

  1. Exercise Point to Point: The group will be divided into teams and will be taken on a trek for navigation exercises at the adjacent mountain range – use of compass and other navigational modes will be practiced during “Crossing of field obstacles and surprise ambush.” Lessons brought out;
    1. Leadership qualities
    2. Team building
    3. Group decision making
    4. Risk taking ability
  2. Reach the destination and locate yourself: Each team will be required to mark is location on the map periodically and has to reach the marked destination in record time. Lesson brought out;
    1. Understanding the map
    2. Reading & orientation of mapsYouTube Preview Image
  3. Cave exploration: Understanding about stalactite and stalagmite formations and other fascinating aspects of caves
  4. Identifying structures on crust of caves: Fold, Faults & Joints are the structures present on the rocks and require skill to locate as they may be from few centimeters to several kilometers in size. These structures will be the clues for our “hidden gold” game