Educational Trips

A Learning Curve, On Nature’s Trail

WE believe learning and fun go hand-in-hand. So we, at Vistas, design adventure and educational programs for schools and colleges on the same philosophy. History, geography, zoology… nature takes its own course to lead keen and enthusiastic learners to many unknown facets, facts and figures.  Take a leap into the unknown.

HISTORICAL HIGH: Look back at history with new eyes, as we take you on a historical trail, a visit to the historical sites you have been poring over in your history textbooks. Here’s a chance to see the past unfold before your eyes. For instance, our four-night, five-day Bhubaneswar tour will help you trace the great Ashoka’s reign. Note all the sights and historical references in Kalinga, as you get up and close to the pillars of Ashoka. History will never be the same again. We promise.

THE GOOD EARTH: Geologists, historians, academiciansare on board to take students of IB Schools on specific and comprehensive project-related field trips.  Be it understandingthe structure of rocks and soil,knowing the earth through the ages with fossils, looking at the Aravalli Range, testing the waters of Yamuna, it’s the journey that makes allthese destinations so exciting. And one of our favourites is the absolutely scintillating trip to Corbett and Sariska, where we support Save the Tiger Project.

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE:  Scale mountains, cross deserts, swim in the seas, walk with us to discover nature’s best-kept secrets, flora, fauna, wildlife, as you walk on the wild side in Gujarat,  Rajasthan, bird-watch in “The Great Rann of Kutch” and Mukhteshwar and do some some magical treks to discover a brand-new world.

Here, it’s imperative to note and point out that at Vistas your safety is our priority. From equipment to safety measures, only the best is offered.All adventure activities and programmes are conducted under the supervision of certified instructors.

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