About Us

FAR from the maddening crowd, big city, bright lights …  is a world that’s waiting to be discovered, devoured and lived . . .

We walk on the wild side and choose the road not taken. Join us on journey that’s magical, memorable and away from the mundane.
We are seasoned, passionate and adventurous travellers and together, we are known as Vistas. With a strong, innate desire to see the unknown we set out on a journey and established Vistas in 2010 to join our wanderlust.

No, we are not a travel agency, tour operating company or a holiday package establishment. We are every traveller’s guide to live a world of experiences outside their comfort zones.

Mountains, hills, beaches, jungles, villages, forests, valleys…we take you where you’ve never been before and lead you to a sweet escape. You will see Indyeah through new eyes…as Vistas designs each minute aspect of your journey.

At Vistas we believe every holiday can be enriching, precisely why our team of experts and seasoned travellers have especial plans for every individual. Corporate Training Programs, Educational Trips and Group Travels are what Vistas offers. Getaways that involve a multitude of outbound activities, team building exercises, games that will help you discover hidden skills, talents and take you closer to nature and its mysterious ways.

On board are environmentalists, geologists, health experts… who will take you through the intricacies of a destination, monument, culture, historical place, flora and fauna, animals and birds. We don’t offer a holiday, but a complete metamorphosis. Let’s go places, Vistas and you. Contact Us NOW

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